Dr. Ming LI is currently a Research Assistant Professor at Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to joining ISE, Dr. LI was a Lecturer at School of Intelligent Systems Science and Engineering, Jinan University and Post-Doctoral Fellow at the HKU-ZIRI Laboratory for Physical Internet (pi-Lab), The University of Hong Kong. He received his PhD degree and master’s degree (Distinction) from Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, in 2018 and 2013 respectively. He also obtained dual Bachelor degrees in Computer Science (major) and Finance (minor) at South China University of Technology in 2012. He has conducted research projects in the field of Industrial Blockchain and Digital Twin for Smart Manufacturing and Logistics with substantial government and industrial grants over 15 million HK dollars. He has published more than 50 papers on leading international journals and top conferences, including IJPE, IJPR, RCIM, CAIE, and etc. He has also obtained more than 40 patents and copyrights. He is the Core Member of the 2019 Guangdong Special Support Talent Program – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Team. Now he is a senior member of IEEE and CCF, a member of ASME and IISE.

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Cyber Physical System
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Ph.D in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, 2018

    The University of Hong Kong (HKSAR)

  • M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management (Distinction), 2013

    The University of Hong Kong (HKSAR)

  • B.Eng in Computer Science and Technology (Major), 2012

    South China University of Technology (CHINA)

  • B.Ec in Finance (Minor), 2012

    South China University of Technology (CHINA)

Working Experience

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Research Assistant Professor
Jun 2022 – Present HKSAR
Jinan University
Mar 2019 – Jun 2022 China
The University of Hong Kong
Post-doctoral Fellow
Nov 2018 – Dec 2019 HKSAR
Comma Technology Limited
Oct 2014 – Present China


* corresponding author
^ supervised students

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[19] 2024-2026: ESG Auditing Polices, Postdoc Matching Fund Scheme, HKD 365,400, PI

[18] 2024-2026: TouristESG: A blockchain-based tourist data sharing platform for ESG certification, RCDTT Grant (No. P0051281), HKD 500,000, PI

[17] 2024-2025: iWorkStation 4.0: A Human-Centric Smart Assembly Station, Large Equipment Fund of PolyU (No. P0050895), HKD 1,314,532, PI

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[11] 2023-2027: SynchronHub: Cyber-Physical Internet for Synchronizing Cross-Border Logistics Hubs in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), RGC Theme-based Research Scheme (No.T32-707/22-N), HKD 7,685,000/40,301,000, Co-PI

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[1] 2020-2022: Industrial Wearable-enabled Multi-mode Picking and Sorting Twin System for E-commerce Logistics, Industrial Project (No.ZX20200552), RMB 101,000, PI


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  • [UG] Experiments of software system analysis (2019/2020/2021 Spring) Top 10% Courses
  • [UG] Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering (2021 Fall)
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Committee Member

  • Management and Decision Sciences Society, Chinese Academy of Management

Conference Committee

  • Program Chair: 2024 Annual International Conference for Chinese Scholars in Industrial Engineering (CSIE2024) and the 14th Forum for the Council of Chinese Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management Department Heads (CIEDH2024), 2024, Hong Kong
  • Organizing Committee Chair: 4th IEEE International Conference on Automation in Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics (iCaMal2024), 2024, Hong Kong.
  • Organizing Committee Chair: IEEE Technical Committee workshop on Digital Manufacturing and Human-centred Automation, 2024, Hong Kong.
  • Scientific Committee Member: The 9th International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC2023), 2023, Athens, Greece.
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  • Organizing Committee Member: 2016 Annual International Conference for Chinese Scholars in Industrial Engineering (CSIE2016) and the 7th Forum for the Council of Chinese Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management Department Heads (CIEDH2016), 2016, Hong Kong.

Session Chair/Co-Chair

  • Special Session “Smart Buildings and Community”, 2019 IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Special Session “PSS Value Network Innovation and Operations Management A”, 11th CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product Service Systems (CIRP IPS2 2019), Zhuhai, China.


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